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Zhaoqing city, guangdong province, appropriate meijia ceramic co., LTD

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        Appropriate of zhaoqing city meijia ceramic co., LTD., founded in 2004, and zhaoqing, deqing, a total of three production base, the total area of 650 mu, has the world first-class ceramic production line more than ten, printing machine and its imported from Spain and Italy SCIMI8800 large-tonnage press, the annual output of more than 4000 square meters. Enterprise has won the "Chinese famous brand", "China's building materials industry well-known brand", "China's environmental protection product", "ISO14001:2004 environmental management system", "China construction recommend products", "consumer trustworthy brand" and other honors. Appropriate meijia ceramic "imagining porcelain meaning to the future" as brand positioning, using the world's top technology, 300 meters long new kiln and advanced automatic production line. Using the domestic and foreign advanced production technology and management mode, make us in the fierce market competition, growing steadily, and production

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Sales Center Add:NO.8 Tongjian industrial Zone,Dajiang,Zhangcha,Foshan city,Guangdong,China    Factory Add:Keda North Road,A Area,Shishan Industry zone,Nanhai Area,Foshan city,Guangdong,China.

Telephone: 0757-86103828 fax: 0757-89912446