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Hubei xiangyang TaoCheng ceramics co., LTD

Release date:2015-05-26 Browse times: Publisher:shengchina

       Xiangyang city TaoCheng building ceramics co., LTD., founded in 2009, on September 24, the company registered capital of 79.48 million yuan (RMB), legal representative for Song Youhuai, shareholders for Song Youhuai, nian-hua Yang. Company is located in nanzhang, yongquan development zone, xiangyang city construction land 300 mu, 305 provincial highway in the north, new planning of road development zone in the east, south and east and qinghe and small shahe dependency, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient. Company design workshop area of 180000 square meters (including raw material plant, ball mill, raw material warehouse, pile of coal bunker, underground pool, gas producer, ball mill, comprehensive office building, dormitory, etc. The company has six one room: the Marketing Department, Marketing Department, finance department, security, production manufacturing, research and development department, general manager office. The manufacturing production personnel 476 people, non-production personnel 36 people, technical personnel 22 people, management personnel 38 people.

        Company to produce high-grade bo changes a brick and wall brick for the leading product. Is developed in the late 1980 s building decoration materials, expanding the application scope of Chinese porcelain brick, consumption is increasing year by year by about 15%, demand of the market potential is huge, development prospect is very broad.

       Xiangyang city TaoCheng building ceramics co., LTD. Has been made in guangdong foshan Tang Song building ceramics co., LTD., foshan bonita building ceramics co., LTD. "licence (contract)," guangdong becca, ceramics import and export co., LTD. "by processing the contract", at the same time undertake its brand, technology, sales network and so on a number of advantages, create own brand "win porcelain", "meaning the Philippines", "first".

        The company has a mature sales model and perfect sales network. The company product bases in China's ceramic industry marketing high-end marketing center -- - foshan, guangdong, in guangdong ceramic industry to the Midwest transfer, after the company to keep guangdong marketing agency, take advantage of guangdong as the center of the national ceramics product marketing, facing the whole country merchants to product marketing. By means of "Tang Song" "bonita" "becca, stick a card" enterprise has formed a sales network, USES the market, the number of agent exclusive dealer sales model (namely in each regional market, each brand distributor of each set a make its exclusive), gradually establish a long-term relations of cooperation.

       Nanzhang county and its nearby xiangyang city has rich and high-quality porcelain clay resources, with quality commodity price cheap, sufficient production; Energy can be nearby procurement, need not to shaanxi procurement; Labour costs compared with the guangdong area also has high competitive advantage; Transportation cost is low, according to industry analysis of floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain freight around 15% of the cost of the whole production, radiation surrounding 500 km - 800 km radius of sales market, the advantage of convenient transportation, effectively save the cost of sales market.

        Company has a professional technical team has mature technology and management ability and rich management experience, the company adhere to the "strives for the survival by the quality, seek development with technology, market-oriented, for the purpose of service" business philosophy, is willing to customers comprehensive, diversified, wide level service, is willing to all walks of life tongren sincere cooperation, create brilliant.

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