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Ceramic edge grinding machine that is a question!

Release date:2015-05-26 Browse times: Publisher:shengchina

New Year's day back to their house, ceramic edge grinding machine that is a question!

Spring Festival approaching, everyone is busy in the New Year. New Year's day is a good thing, family reunions, bright, open happy heart. Childhood the most looking forward to Chinese New Year, over time, however, had grown up and have a family, some people are afraid of the New Year. Not, according to a January 23 city evening news ", "double" alone couples argue for Chinese New Year back to the parents who say don't want to divorce you, news, to fight to whose "right" to the Chinese New Year, 80 after the couple quite a struggle, a row, and then go their separate ways. It is reported, detonating network, immediately triggered heated discussion. Someone praised after two 80 of filial piety, was accused of their wayward, some people say that this is just a piece of cake, can dissolve, someone says reunion is big, it is difficult to reconcile. In 80 after the husband and wife do not know to which new vacant, many netizens have the advice, counsel, most Internet users feel it's not a problem.

That is to be said on both woman woman right, it may ask yuan fang,

First, the relative less and less. Is the national policy of family planning, reasonably self-interest, should vigorously support. But a grim reality is that because of the one-child, as on a few generation gradually gone, our loved ones will be less and less. Looks like "progeny" this idiom can be canceled, uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, such as words, also is no longer a "home". "Double alone" husband and wife, don't have any brothers or sisters, their parents need to take care of, they are wrangling over the New Year's day back to their house, its affection to Benjamin.

Secondly, more and more distant from the relatives. Now, our relatives not only less and less, but also more walk more far. With the deepening of the reform and opening up, the urban and rural population flow is very convenient, many people even "homeless", in this city today, tomorrow to the provinces, many young people find object is no longer a childhood sweethearts "use local materials", really is the "long-distance romance a string". It is understood that in the news "double alone" husband and wife, boy grimmjow from urumqi, the girl they are sister in guangdong. Because of work reasons, two people after marriage will be home in changchun. So, all have three home. Relatives relatives, the go too close to the kiss. So they hope the mood of New Year's day back to their parents.

Third, the family is more and more light. Relatives far away, not only embodies in distance, but also on the emotions. Said the family is blood is thicker than water, but the life is very real, sometimes very helpless. After the 80 generation, is the most unfortunate generation. Have a weibo said: after 50, basic poor, fiddled with. After 60, political s, most officials; After 70, catch up with the reform and opening to the outside ground, rich; After 80, most of the poor children, after 50 bitter; After 90 and after 00, 60 s and 70 s children, in addition to the rich second generation is the officer the second generation. Seems reasonable, from support for elders, 80 after the burden is heavy enough, they will be responsible for four or more old people in the future. Heavy burden tend to attend, affection also will slowly fade out. We often see some "left-behind elderly", "left-behind children" look forward to the eyes, endless yearning, draw sympathy and blame, but can we blame the "cruel" as children or parents?

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