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Gold bothe machinery co., LTD launched 19 + 1

Release date:2015-06-02 Browse times: Publisher:shengchina

Gold bothe machinery co., LTD launched 19 + 1 archaize brick dry edge grinding machine

"2014 annuity bothe for ceramic industry in the New Year blockbuster, introduced the industry's most large archaize brick dry edge grinding machine." Foshan city golden bothe machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "golden bothe") officials recently told the reporter.

The company chief introduction, three years ago, gold bothe first launched in line 16 + 1 archaize brick dry edge grinding machine, the 19 + 1 archaize brick dry edge grinding machine is the industry's first production of archaize brick dry edge grinding machine, gear grinding head of number 19. The "big MAC" archaize brick dry edge grinding machine can meet the demand of large production of ceramics factory, a production line equipped with a computer, to produce more than 12000 square meters.

The Basel ceramic edge grinding machine

Large and high: new edge grinding machine production is big, high technical content

The edge grinding field of brick of pottery and porcelain at present mainly adopts two dry milling and wet milling process. According to the professionals in the industry, as early as more than a decade ago wet grinding process in the ceramic industry has been spreading, dry grinding process after 2007 and the first application in the ceramic tile edge grinding, then dry grinding process in the industry has gradually become the mainstream. It is understood that the current gold bothe edge grinding machine both in the dry process or wet grinding process can meet the needs of ceramic production enterprises, the production of ceramic industry have been covered in the application of the edge grinding machine of all kinds of brick of pottery and porcelain products.

"Relative to ceramic tile and polished tile, archaize brick technical requirements higher, grinding of grinding ceramics with dry mill as cutting vegetables with a knife, a edge grinding machine grinding archaize brick is cut bone knife. Bothe of gold in the company after years of research and manufacture of edge grinding machine, on the basis of professional technology and equipment of the deepening research and development and innovation, after half a year to concentrate on research, successfully launched in early 2014, super large and large output of the 19 + 1 archaize brick dry edge grinding machine. It is one of the leading in the field of edge grinding of archaize brick." Gold bothe technical director told reporters with confidence.

According to introducing, 19 + 1 gold bothe archaize brick dry edge grinding machine adopts independent patent technology push brick, brick keep pushing speed, precision and ensure the diagonal stability, dry grinding 600 x 600 mm archaize brick can be long-term stability within 1.0 mm. In addition, use the patent technology, automatic adjustable wide structure is convenient to adjust all kinds of products, especially suitable for all kinds of archaize brick edge grinding. The archaize brick dry milling equipment for customer thoroughly get rid of the water brought about by the environmental pressure, and effectively solve the equipment after the fast aging, edge grinding bake not rotten carton and the pressure of customer complaints.

Gold, said an official with the abbot of the large edge grinding machine is the most prominent advantage can steadily meet the demand of modern ceramic enterprise big production, daily output to more than twelve thousand square meters, even higher. This large edge grinding machine is a high degree of automation of the touch-screen control technology, compared with the ordinary edge grinding machine, under the condition of same production, equipped with the device can use less edge grinding machine, save the edge grinding, thus more saving on the cost and energy consumption per unit product.

Designed and refined: focus on the field of edge grinding machine, fine in quality of products

Gold talbot is a set of ceramic tile edge grinding machine research and development, manufacturing, service as one of the ceramic machinery manufacturing enterprises. Over the years, gold bothe professional specializing in the production of archaize brick dry edge grinding machine, ceramics dry edge grinding machine, polishing brick wet edge grinding machine, microcrystalline brick wet grinding machine and so on all kinds of ceramic cutting edge grinding machinery and equipment, study the structure design, push the brick body, chamfering assembly, automatic adjustable wide structure patent technology.

The chief introduction of the bot that gold bothe the product has been improved quickly, do fine do fine, it means a lot to detail, to the quality strives for perfection.

Gold bothe focusing on a detail purchasing parts, even a little spring edge grinding machine is strictly controlled. The officials say, spring is small, but it is also guarantee the ceramic tile is one of the important factors of the diagonal. Spring performance is the most important indicator of fatigue strength, better inline spring fatigue strength of 300000 times. To improving the performance of edge grinding machine using gold bothe cooperate with company specialized in manufacturing automobile springs, custom-made springs, fatigue strength can reach 10 million times, is the general spring more than 30 times. Detail decides success or failure, the quality of the parts is the foundation of the equipment, directly affect the performance and life of the equipment. Gold, said an official with the bot to improve product quality, even if the purchase price is high.

According to the interview, gold bothe also the edge grinding machine in the process of the system vibration, dust wind research such as research, details on the technology and equipment, to ensure product quality stability, saving energy and reducing consumption.

It is reported that gold bothe edge grinding machine products are sold to guangdong, fujian, jiangxi, shandong, hunan, hubei, liaoning, sichuan, xinjiang and other places, exports to Iran, South Africa, Turkey, India, Vietnam and other countries. Gold bothe with stable product performance, excellent product quality and thoughtful after-sales service, make the company become a professional brand with strong competitiveness, and with good reputation in the industry healthy development. (reporter Nlgi 's54th annual)

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