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Foshan star press conference successfully held

Release date:2015-06-02 Browse times: Publisher:shengchina

Foshan star press conference successfully held changxing economictrade co., LTD

       On November 26th afternoon, foshan starlight changxing economic and trade co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as starlight changxing) realistically hoped, new move to foshan international 21-24, plumbing sanitary city A12 and held a grand opening ceremony and opened a media event, starlight hu tao, general manager of changxing, zhejiang xin hui transmission machinery co., LTD., Basel, foshan city jinxin electrical and mechanical co., LTD., general manager, general manager of Huang Huiyan and industry media attended the meeting.

   Media meeting, starlight changxing hu tao, general manager of the company makes a brief introduction, starlight changxing is transmission mechanical and electrical products of professional sales company, currently the main agent at home and abroad many brands of reducer, motor, frequency converter, the agent products are widely used in ceramics, building, and many other industries. After simple introduction into the media question and answer session.

   When asked what is the advantage, hu proudly said "our main advantage is cost-effective. Reducer economic and trade company specialized in foshan do not exceed five, starlight changxing as one of in addition to providing customers with reasonable price, good quality and stable products, we have a professional maintenance team, will provide customers with good technical support and quality after-sales service, has a very high cost performance. At the same time the stars changxing will adhere to the high end products to attract the high end customers."


    And Huang Huiyan Basel, foshan city, as a distributor of mechanical and electrical co., LTD., general manager of starlight changxing made such evaluation "starlight changxing and I also have many years of cooperation, its products have high stability, in fact, the quality of the product is very important for us, and if the product out of the problem, not stock save tens or hundreds of thousands of could solve got. And starlight changxing improve products, the quality of this is good, the product has good stability."

Network marketing is not perfect, but it is still used to try

     "Due to product features, mechanical and electrical industry now join the electric dealer market is still not mature time, mechanical and electronic products in the network marketing is also very weak. But electricity is a development trend of the future, as one for the challenges of enterprise, we also became a network Marketing Department, ready to hire a professional personage to operation management, draw experience and guidance in the future development." Hu told reporters mentioned made such answer questions about network marketing.

      Through the media event, making the media present to starlight changxing have better understanding, and for the future development of starlight changxing has played a great role in promoting.

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Sales Center Add:NO.8 Tongjian industrial Zone,Dajiang,Zhangcha,Foshan city,Guangdong,China    Factory Add:Keda North Road,A Area,Shishan Industry zone,Nanhai Area,Foshan city,Guangdong,China.

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