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Grain production line be Basel electromechanical

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Grain production line be Basel electromechanical another achievement

      August 31, mechanical and electrical co., LTD. Foshan Basel in heng Swiss hotel held a press conference of ceramic element behind production line and customer appreciation dinner. Day dinner with song and dance performances, and invite guangdong TV, guangdong radio host for MC, make the whole activity is fit, got the contented industry guest's consistent high praise.

The graph is Basel electromechanical top rod in order to start activities

  Electromechanical grand launch, production line, the Basel on energy saving, environmental protection has the milestone significance. Countries in the "twelfth five" plan, determine the goal of a 20% drop in energy consumption. Basel electromechanical with environmental protection, energy saving as the theme, accelerating the pace of innovation, and achieved fruitful research results, successfully launched in August, ceramic pigment production line.

       According to Basel electromechanical top cast technology is mainly used in ceramics production, to pour in front of the glaze of porcelain body surface of cast, increase smoothness, promote the reasonable distribution of the spray glaze, effectively save the consumption of the glaze. The technology to get the height of the large domestic ceramic enterprises, hope I can as soon as possible applications in ceramic production, application a day earlier, a day before the results. In the current conditions of various energy continuously to die to build environmental conservation-oriented society will play an important role, promote green building ceramic development.

       Dinner is over, the guests visit heng Swiss hotel penthouse bar 51 layer tasting wine, listen to the elegant music, the highest floor in foshan, looks at the foshan beautiful night view of light, let guests relaxed and happy. As more of foshan JianTaoYe practitioners, to protect our homeland, should have the responsibility to take the lead to take care of our blue sky.

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Sales Center Add:NO.8 Tongjian industrial Zone,Dajiang,Zhangcha,Foshan city,Guangdong,China    Factory Add:Keda North Road,A Area,Shishan Industry zone,Nanhai Area,Foshan city,Guangdong,China.

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